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It is important to hire a reputable/experienced well contracting company who will discuss all aspects of your Agricultural & Irrigation Water Wells with you to help make the best decisions regarding your well. As members of the Oregon Ground Water Association, we understand all aspects of the water well drilling process. We work closely with our customers from first contact through completion of their well.

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Agricultural & Irrigation Water Wells for Oregon

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Installing Water Wells involves several steps to ensure a reliable and efficient water supply for crops. Beginning with site selection and permitting, careful consideration is given to factors such as soil composition, groundwater depth, and regulatory requirements. Once the site is chosen, a drilling rig is mobilized to bore into the ground, temporary steel casing is driven into the ground to hold back sand & gravel formations. This is followed by placing stainless steel v-wire wrapped well screen at optimal depths for maximum water withdrawal. Proper sized silica sand is then placed on the outside of the well screen and temporary steel casing is removed to expose the silica sand to the native water bearing sands & gravels. The well is then aggressively developed to remove all fine sands and silts in order to maximize gallons per minute to be pumped while minimizing drawdown. Pump installation is then completed to draw water to the surface, ready for integration into the irrigation system. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance are vital to sustaining optimal performance and maximizing water efficiency, essential for successful agricultural production.

Here’s an overview of the typical steps involved:

  • Site Selection & Permitting
  • Drilling Rig Setup
  • Drilling
  • Casing Installation
  • Well Development
  • Pump Installation
  • Testing & Analysis
  • System Integration
The role of Agricultural & irrigation water wells

Agricultural & Irrigation Water Wells play a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and productivity of farming operations. By tapping into groundwater sources through well drilling, farmers gain access to a reliable and consistent water supply for irrigation, even in areas where surface water may be scarce or unreliable.




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